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Do you know Kaskus? Definitely! Almost everyone familiar on the Internet certainly know what is Kaskus, at least once time surfing to the website pages. Or you were a Kaskuser! And you are an active member of the site.

Kaskus is an online community or also called an online forum community. As the title suggests, kaskus is the largest online community in Indonesia. Kaskus was firstly develop on November 6, 1999 by Indonesian students who were studying in Seattle University, USA. They are Andrew, Ronald, and Budi. Initially Kaskus was developed to fulfill their coursework, first time on launching, kaskus only contained news for Indonesian students at United States  or in a foreign country, they never think if kaskus will be as famous as now.

Not only Kaskus, In Indonesia there are so many forums others

  • Indowebster: a public forum same as kaskus
  • Indoflasher: forum specially for Mobile Phone, Smart Phone and technician
  • Yogya free and jasakom: forum specially talking about Internet security, Computers and Hacking and some similars.
  • Adsense-id.com: forum site concern on webmaster, website development.

But just Kaskus the largest and has more than two million members spread all over Indonesia and abroad. Kaskus is one of the top 5 most visited sites in Indonesia. visitors annually  go up even today, Server overload often by high overposting frequent and then servers can not afford the high load kaskus data. This site is now managed by PT Darta Media Indonesia and Andrew Darwin as the owner.

From the observation Alexa.com, as a standard for webmasters and web developers to monitor the development and traffic of a website, in November 2010 , Kaskus ranked 247th of the world, which means for the laity is how very high traffic / visitors Kaskus.us, a decent size of a website that fester in Indonesia.

Before UU ITE (Undang-undang informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik/Regulations of Information and Electronic Transactions) enacted, Kaskus has two controversial forum thread categories, bb17 and Fight Club. Bb17 short for Buka-bukaan 17 tahun, it’s an adult forum where users can share both pictures and adult content. Meanwhile, the Fight Club is a forum dedicated as a place to argue that truly free without controlled. Often debated issues related to racist. Affront to common ethnic and religious.

But late after the enactment of UU ITE, bb17 Kaskus immediately shut because contrary to the Act of ITE about spreading around pornographic material. Fight Club changed its name to the Debate Club. Fight Club and Debate Club basically has the same function as a place for debate, it’s just tightened controls on the Debate Club. Any new thread that created the user first censored by a moderator. If deemed feasible and discuss racial intolerance, then the thread will be deleted.

To remove the negative image as an underground and porn sites, Kaskus change the design appearance on August 17, 2008. Kaskus created a new look full of color. In addition, Kaskus also added new features like blogs and WAP Kaskus (support for mobile/smarthphone).

Almost everyday I was surfing on kaskus, Kaskus is a great place to share information. To me Kaskus is the second google. If I have a problem and need specified information I will definitely look for and create a thread in kaskus. There are many members from all over Indonesia, which will help to us. Sometime ago I need a computer driver that I did not found on google but instead I get it from a member of kaskus. Kaskus is a great place to share information and also for the learning experience. I am also sure a lot of famous people who are also members kaskus just that they might use invisible ID (username and identity).

In kaskus you can do anything such as exchanging information, learning and also ask for the sale and you can buy something. If you are a trader or have a specific product such as smartphone/mobilephone, t-shirt, etc so you can sell your product. If you want to buy

something, it can be done in kaskus.. I had dealings in sometime when I bought a computer ware from a member of kaskus jogja.. and I was satisfied with the goods, service and price. but you might also careful, there are so many fraudsters/scammers. Just try to deal with a trusted member only.

There is a new service from Kaskus, provides online payment system called Kaspay. Service has been launched on Friday, November 6, 2009, at the Anniversary Celebration of the 10th Kaskus at Poste, the east building, Kuningan, Jakarta.

The transaction service can be used not only in Kaskus but can be used against other sites that are affiliated with Kaspay.

Kaspay will operate like the E-wallet that will be used as a tool for buying and selling transactions in all online transactions. The whole process of Kaspay transactions create through transfer a sum of money, forced it safe from fraud and forgery mode and security of credit card transaction is always assured with a confirmation using e-mail and ransaction records.

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